Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Site Guide?

According to CATHSSETA, a Site Guide is allowed to guide in a “limited geographical area”. There is as yet, no specific guideline for the exact size of the “limited” area. It is generally seen as a manageable area that will allow the guide to spend time studying the area in order to give the visitor an in-depth experience of that specific area. This is in no way an indication that the tour experience that the Site Guide will offer will be an inferior experience. It will rather be an enriching experience where the visitor will learn and experience things about and in the area that a non-Site Guide will never be able to guide them to experience.

Why Site Guides?

Mastering all there is to know about any area – be it national or provincial – is an impossible task. If we want to let our visitors experience more than what they can learn from books, the electronic media and pamphlets, we have to lead them to experience what only the guides who have studied an area in depth are able to share with them. This will be the enriching experience that only a Site Guide can provide. A Site Guide typically, but not exclusively is a local in the area they want to be qualified for.

How long is the training?

According to CATHSSETA this qualification is worth 40 credits. For every credit 10 notional (academic) hours are allocated. Of these, 10% have to be contact hours with the facilitator/assessor. That means that 40 “class room” hours and 360 “study/homework” hours will have to be put aside for this qualification.

Alive!PTL adapts the spread of these hours to the needs of the learner.

What does it cost?

In monetary terms Alive!PTL’s fees have always been very competitive. This is true for this programme as well.

The standard fee is R3 500pp. However, there is a discount available if the group is large enough.

However, in terms of hard work, Alive!PTL has never been known as the “easy” way to get the qualification. We are committed to quality work and that always takes effort.

Where can a Site Guide guide?

In the site you have qualified for. A site can be any limited geographical area that is worth taking visitors to. In the Overstrand area it could be a walking tour of your hometown, the Old Harbour Museum, a wine estate, Elim, Zwelihle, Hawston, Mount Pleasant, Gansbaai, the rocky shores, a historical path, Fernkloof, fynbos in the area, Stony Point, boat-based whale watching, a historical view of the shipwrecks…. just to give an idea.

What is the way forward?

As a training institute Alive!PTL has always tried to let our learners see guiding as a step to a career in the tourism industry. We are committed to a culture of lifelong learning and are therefore always looking at possibilities to open doors for our learners to become lifelong learners. As a Site Guide you will be able to climb the ladder at your own pace. From here you could study further to become a National Certificate Level 2 guide that can guide in your own province and later also move to the Level 4 National Certificate where you will be able to guide nationally.