Beginners – advanced
General Afrikaans
30 hours per level
Sessions per week: 2 x 2hr sessions
Group size: 8-10
Status: Not applicable
Cost per learner: Individual: various packages available;
General group R 1700 per level

In line with the general implementation of ubuntu in the workplace, there has been a greater demand for learning each other’s languages in South Africa. In the Western Cape the local languages most needed are Afrikaans, English and Xhosa.

Alive! Language School has been successfully offering the above languages programmes to empower employees in a variety of companies and government departments. The employees have given feedback on improved relationships with colleagues because they not only now better understand each other’s languages, but also the cultures.


  • Although not an international tourism language, many domestic tourists need to be served in Afrikaans

Future Uses

  • being able to communicate in a language your colleagues speak, will improve work relations within the workplace


  • our facilitators are passionate about Afrikaans and will not only improve your speaking ability, but also teach you about the culture

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