Bar Attendant

The programme is a 14 – day classroom based programme with practical sessions at NQF Level 2 with a 44 credits total
Possible learners: People who are presently working in the hospitality industry providing bar/drinks service or people who would like to enter this field
Attendees: maximum 15 minimum 10
Entry Requirements: None

This programme is designed to help learners who have to serve customers and take their drinks orders at a bar achieve a higher level of competence.

Learning how to provide a quality, professional bar service will teach the learners self-management and organisational skills that would benefit both them and the industry. It will upgrade the bar attendant’s job, giving it a more respectable image. Furthermore, this is the perfect work related skills programme for those with aspirations for overseas “working holiday employment”.

The programme contains the following Unit Standards:

SAQA ID Unit Standard Title Level Credit
7800 Maintain health, hygiene and professional appearance 2 1
7793 Describe layout, services and facilities of the organisation 2 1
7799 Maintain a safe working environment 2 2
7812 Perform basic calculations 2 3
7796 Maintain a secure working environment 3 1
7795/1125 Maintain effective working relationships with other members of staff 3 1
7760 Provide a drink service for licensed premises 3 2
7820 Operate a payment point and process payments 3 3
7790 Process incoming and outgoing telephone calls 3 3
7794 Communicate verbally 3 8
7789 Provide Customer Service 4 8
7750 Serve bottled wines 3 3
7744 Provide a table drink service 3 4
7753 Prepare and serve cocktails 4 2
7821 Develop Self within The Job Role 4 3

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