Attendees will be introduced to the following:
  1. Using the Telephone
    • First Impressions
    • Switchboard versus private phone
  2. Communicating clearly when using the phone
    • Body Language
  3. Telephone Etiquette
    • Answering calls
    • Transferring calls
    • Taking Messages
    • Distribution of messages
    • Placing a caller on hold
    • Completing Calls
  4. Developing Listening Skills
  5. Making External / External Calls
  6. Cellular Phones
  7. Assisting Customers
  8. Confidentiality
  9. Dealing with unexpected situations/telephone complaints
  10. Useful expressions
  11. Demonstrate the ability to learn from actions & to adapt performance
Duration: A two-day workshop of 6 hours/day
Attendees: All local businesses.
Minimum and maximum numbers will have to be discussed.
Venue: Large enough to accommodate 20 pax
Cost per attendee: from R 950pp


In order for a business to grow customer service is of utmost importance. The telephone is often the first contact a client has with the business. First impressions are very important and the role of the telephonist therefore, is a very important one in portraying the image of the business. This is a skill that needs to be acquired.

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