Why Use Alive!

Why use Alive!

Alive!PTL cc have been actively promoting community tourism development for almost 30 years, which makes is the oldest company in the Western Cape to do this.

The name reflects the training, mentoring and consulting approach viz. an ALIVE! process involving the individuals and organisations in the kaleidoscopic communities of South Africa by providing adult education and training in tourism and hospitality related skills.

Our slogan “Education for the people by the people through the people“ testifies to our commitment to serve the communities of Southern Africa through meaningful and authentic participation of beneficiaries.

It was through the relentless pursuing of the CEO that the then Community Guides category was established as a new guiding category – now labeled “Site Guides”/Level 2.

Alive! PTL believes that for the tourism industry to continue to function effectively as a stimulator and contributor towards the growth of the Southern African economy, it is critical to invest in its most valuable resource, namely its people. Alive! P.T.L. cc is deeply aware of the importance of augmenting the benefits of the tourism industry to all communities.

Alive!PTL believes that a successful community tourism project needs more than just the training of tourist guides and should endeavour  to have as many skills in the tourism community as possible developed. Tourism is everybody’s business and as many individuals in a community as possible should be equipped to create a healthy tourism product. Alive! PTL created and has been accredited to facilitate a variety of learning programmes that will empower many more residents to become part of the tourism industry in a meaningful way that will lead to a sustainable product.

Alive!PTL adapts the programmes as far as possible to suit the needs of the learners. Our programmes can be tailor-made to meet specific needs. Within the legal requirements we will adapt time, duration, content and rates.

Our market edge is that we create the opportunity for our learners to be mentored. Alive!Guides, for instance,  is a forum for ex-learners (now guides) to further their education, develop their knowledge as well as market together. We are registered as an NPO and will continue to assist new role-players to become relevant and successful in the Southern African tourism industry by mentoring them and providing opportunities for them – thus enhancing true growth through learning.

Join us on the exciting journey of continuous development through learning.

Joleen and the team