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Welcome to Alive! PTL cc

Alive! PTL cc have been actively promoting community-based tourism development for 32 years, which makes is the oldest company in the Western Cape to do this.

Our Approach

The name reflects the training, mentoring and consulting approach viz. an ALIVE! process involving the individuals and organisations in the kaleidoscopic communities of South Africa by providing adult education and training in tourism and hospitality related skills.

Our Commitment

Our slogan “Education for the people by the people through the people“ testifies to our commitment to serve the communities of Southern Africa through meaningful and authentic participation of beneficiaries.


Learning a new language is an investment in the workforce as it is a transportable skill that could assist the learner in furthering his/her career. However, the language needs to be practiced enough to “settle” in the learners’ minds. The method that is used in our programs focuses on listening to and speaking the languages.

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